Wonders Of Nature Photography







G L Sarti

Wonders Of Nature Photography

Pittsburgh, PA


The Last 20 or 30 years I have acquired experiences in the field of microfilming which some of you may recognize as form of photography.  It has been only since 2002 that I began to take an interest in nature photography.

In reality, I believe god had a hand in my pursuing nature photography.  I have always had an interest in nature.  I was drawn to it.

As time went on I began reading and teaching myself the finer points of photography.   A few photographer friends guided me with camera techniques and scene composition.  Entering shows for prizes is not my goal but do appreciate any that I have received.  My work is exhibited so others can share in god's creations.  I am convinced it takes someone greater than I to have created the simplest of plants to the greatness of earth and our universe.

The most important point that everyone that looks at my work needs to know is that most of my original photographs are taken in their natural setting.  My work is generally not staged in any way.  On occasion, I will take an individual photograph and apply an artistic touch to try and create an interesting piece of work.

In the past few years, I have hiked through the natural areas of Prescott, AZ., Hilton Head Island, South Carolina shores, and the area of Sarasota, FL.  Ten days were spent photographing various areas of the National Parks through Utah, Montana, Wyoming, N. Dakota, and S. Dakota.

In my home area of Western Pennsylvania, I have and continue to hike through the Pennsylvania Natural areas in the Laurel Highlands. Along the way, every opportunity is taken to photograph landscapes, wildflowers, and wildlife.

Pursuing water falls throughout the Tr-State area is a continued goal.  The latest being the 21 water falls in the Ricketts Glen State Park, Eastern Pennsylvania.

In addition to Nature Photography, I am moving into a new area called macro photography emphasizing light.


Pennsylvania Wildflower Pla 193 by G L Sarti


Behind the Tree Grand Canyon Lan163 by G L Sarti


Slope Meets the Sky Lan143 by G L Sarti


Valley of Beauty Lan139 by G L Sarti


Rocks and Shrubs Lan136 by G L Sarti


Double Wings Ins 80 by G L Sarti


Double Wings Ins 79 by G L Sarti


Great Spangled Fritillarie Ins 77 by G L Sarti


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Ins 76 by G L Sarti


Great Spangled Fritillary Ins 76 by G L Sarti


Swallowtail Ins 69 by G L Sarti


Red Spotted Purple Ins 59 by G L Sarti


Great Spangled Fritillary Ins 49 by G L Sarti


West Virginia White Ins 47 by G L Sarti


Blue Skies Green Shrubs Lan147 by G L Sarti


Prescott Hills Lan170 by G L Sarti


Grand Canyon Colors Lan171 by G L Sarti


Grand Canyon Walls Lan 183 by G L Sarti


Arizona Canyons Lan186 by G L Sarti


Arizona Lan128 by G L Sarti


The Bute Lan123 by G L Sarti


The Bute Lan119 by G L Sarti


Arizona Grand Canyon Lan115 by G L Sarti


Arizona Grand Canyon Lan114 by G L Sarti


Delicate Dandelion Pla 118 by G L Sarti


Orange White and Green Pla 87 by G L Sarti


Varigated Colors Pla 49 by G L Sarti


Holiday Colors Pla 37 by G L Sarti


Path Though Grass Pla 23 by G L Sarti


Standing Alone Pla 19 by G L Sarti


Dogwood and Snow Win 78 by G L Sarti


Rock Furnace Trail Win 77 by G L Sarti


Snow and Water Win 68 by G L Sarti


Pristine Snow Win 60 by G L Sarti


Standing Alone Win 33 by G L Sarti


Shadows and Trail Win 29 by G L Sarti


Country Road Win 27 by G L Sarti


Warm Snuggles Wil 320 by G L Sarti


Buck In Velvet Wil 426 by G L Sarti


Eastern Bull Elk Wil 221 by G L Sarti


Majestic Wil 158 by G L Sarti


The King Wil 150 by G L Sarti


A Touching Pose Wil148 by G L Sarti


Brother and Sister Wil 146 by G L Sarti


Hidden Falls Wat 208 by G L Sarti


Smooth and Fast Wat 182 by G L Sarti


Everglades Wat 161 by G L Sarti


Atlantic Surf Wat 126 by G L Sarti