Wonders Of Nature Photography







G L Sarti

Wonders Of Nature Photography

Pittsburgh, PA


The last 20 or 30 years I have acquired experiences in the field of microfilming which some of you may recognize as a form of photography.  It has only been since 2002 that I began to take an interest in nature photography.

In reality, I believe god had a hand in my pursuing nature photography.  Nature has always been my interest.

As time went on learning about photography and its finer points came from reading, and instruction from a few photographer friends. This lead me to learning camera techniques and scene composition.

Entering shows for prizes is not my goal but do appreciate any that I have received.  My work is exhibited so others can share in god's creations.  I am convinced it takes someone greater than I to have created the simplest of plants to the greatness of earth and our universe.

The most important point that everyone that looks at my work needs to know is that most of my original photographs are taken in their natural setting.  My work is generally not staged in any way.  On occasion, I will take an individual photograph and apply an artistic touch to try and create an interesting piece of work.

In the past few years, I have hiked through the natural areas of Prescott, AZ., Hilton Head Island, South Carolina shores, and the area of Sarasota, FL.  Ten days were spent photographing various areas of the National Parks through Utah, Montana, Wyoming, N. Dakota, and S. Dakota. During the 2018 year, another trip is planned in the area of Sarasota, Florida. In addition, a trip is planned in the Fall of 2018 to Alaska. The goal is to add interesting and exciting photos to my portfolio.

In my home area of Western Pennsylvania, I have and continue to hike through the Pennsylvania Natural areas in the Laurel Highlands. Along the way, every opportunity is taken to photograph landscapes, wildflowers, and wildlife.

Pursuing water falls throughout the Tr-State area is a continued goal.  The latest being the 23 water falls in the Ricketts Glen State Park, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the Slippery Rock Gorge in W. Pennsylvania.

My recent exhibitions included the photographic history of Ricketts Glen and an upcoming show of the history of Slippery Rock Gorge. Both created by the glacier that covered Pennsylvania.

In addition to general Nature Photography, I am moving into a new area called macro photography emphasizing light. The results will be an up close and personal viewing of nature.


Simplicity Pla 504 by G L Sarti


The Yough Lan 294 by G L Sarti


Path In Forest Win 29 by G L Sarti


Lily Pads Pla 612 by G L Sarti


Boat On Beach Wat 157 by G L Sarti


Old Mill Old 5 by G L Sarti


Swallowtail At Rest Ins 69 by G L Sarti


Small Stream Win 66 by G L Sarti


Tall Trees Win 37 by G L Sarti


Searching for Food Wil 31 by G L Sarti


Cardinal In Snow Wil 324 by G L Sarti


Bird In Snow Wil 319 by G L Sarti


Rock Furnace Falls Wat 225 by G L Sarti


Yough River Wat 219 by G L Sarti


Hanging Blossom Pla 299 by G L Sarti


Tropical Bloom Pla 183 by G L Sarti


Water Lily Pla 453 by G L Sarti


Flower and Tree Pla 432 by G L Sarti


Delicate Bloom Pla 421 by G L Sarti


Wildflower and Tree Pla 334 by G L Sarti


Cactcus Bloom Pla 289 by G L Sarti


Bursting Blosoom Pla 286 by G L Sarti


Holiday Colors Pla 282 by G L Sarti


Nature's Fan Pla 567 by G L Sarti


Autum Scene Lan 323 by G L Sarti


Trough Creek State Park Lan323 by G L Sarti


Flying Egret Wil 359 by G L Sarti


Heron Feeding Wil 350 by G L Sarti


Ibis Wil 335 by G L Sarti


Fawn Wil 305 by G L Sarti


Snow Leopard Wil 448 by G L Sarti


Antelope Wil 446 by G L Sarti


Great Smoky Mts. Lan 315 by G L Sarti


Great Smoky Mts. Lan 307 by G L Sarti


Great Smoky Mts. Lan 310 by G L Sarti


Great Smoky Mts. Lan 310 by G L Sarti


Great Smoky Mts. Lan 312 by G L Sarti


Spruce Flats Peat Bog Lan431 by G L Sarti


Farm Pond Wat 257 by G L Sarti


Great Smoky Mts. Lan 318 by G L Sarti


Great Smoky Mts.BW Lan 318 by G L Sarti


Amish Farm Cit 34 by G L Sarti


Blur In The Trees Wil 468 by G L Sarti


Many Sea Horses Wil 435 by G L Sarti


Sea Horse Wil 434 by G L Sarti


Heavy Load To Market Cit 33 by G L Sarti


Tobacco Field Cit 32 by G L Sarti


Off to Market Cit 31 by G L Sarti